Isibaya starlet Linda Mtoba and partner Steven Meyer had their lavish traditional wedding over the weekend in Kwazulu Natal.

We spoke to the newly-wed Linda Mtoba on what it feels like to be married to the love of her life

Linda Mtoba, best known for her role as Zama ‘Cakes’ Ngwenya on award-winning Mzansi Magic soapie Isibaya, married her boyfriend* of six years this past weekend in a beautiful traditional ceremony.

Speaking to DESTINY, Mtoba opened up about how she’s feeling, saying that she was not anxious at all on the day because she had been waiting for it for so long.

“It’s such an incredible feeling to be certain of happiness, and that’s why it’s such an amazing feeling to marry someone you truly love,” Mtoba said.

“I told him the other day that I felt like my heart is walking with me now. Like my heart is outside of my chest and is in the human form of him.”

Mtoba went on to say that one of the most beautiful things about preparing for the wedding, and the actual wedding day, is the opportunity it gave both her and her husband’s families to get to know each other on a deeper level.

“We’re both very lucky in the sense that both of our families are very loving, and bringing them together was just such a beautiful experience,” she said.

She’s looking forward to having children, starting a family and building a future with the man she describes as the love of her life.

“I truly believe that this is the kind of love that God himself has created because it can’t be man made. In fact, this has made me believe that real love really does bring one closer to God. It makes you realise the kind of love that God has and the love that God has created for humans to feel,” Mtoba said.

Mtoba took to Instagram to share pictures and videos that showed special moments from her day.

In one video, she and her mother sang a joyous traditional song and it was accompanied by a heartwarming caption briefly describing her relationship with her mother.

“The beginning… It all began with her when she gave me life. She became my life and here she is holding my hand as I start a new part of my life. It began with her. My giver of life, my best friend. My mother,” the caption read.

Here are some of the images Mtoba shared: