Popular Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu has waged war against men who disrespect women and said that she is tired of the rape culture in South Africa.

Samkelo shared a post about SA's rape culture that advised women not to take a taxis that were only occupied by men.

She did hold back when she blasted the misconception that women were often blamed for rapes, when it was men who could not control themselves.

"Basically, don't wear short skirt, don't stay out late, don't drink, don't leave the house, leave the house because even at home you are in danger, don't go out with your friends, don't laugh too loud, don't get into a taxi, don't travel alone, don't wear tight cloths, don't jog in your shorts, don't eat oysters in front of men, don't go to church, or work, or school- because you're still in danger. Basically don't live.

And men? Carry on as per normal. Don't mind us, we are being raped by scarecrows. You're absolutely not the problem at all here,"she wrote.

The actress said that she was "tired of being told how to behave to avoid rape" and that real solutions should be given to teach men to respect women.

"Tired of the men that aren't spoken to and told how they should not feel entitled to a woman's body. So tired of men beating us and raping us!.. We are not safe. We are in danger women and children, and all they can do for us is '16 days of activism'. I'm defeated," she added.

Samkelo's comments come in the wake of several incidents of women being raped in taxis in Johannesburg that have caused outrage.