Okmalumkoolkat found himself trending in the news after City Press labelled him as a ‘convicted sex offender’ earlier this week. Whilst his friend AKA defended him as the news made headlines, the Qqi rapper has finally said his word on the article that had twitter divided. ‘I’m sorry I violated a woman,’ says Okmalumkoolkat.

In a lengthy apology on twitter, Malumkoolkat admits that he didn’t the right thing by not issuing an apology when he returned from Australia.

“I am sincerely sorry that a woman felt violated on my account. I spent time in prison, serving a sentence given to me by the justice system,” he tweeted.

The rapper says he understands that ‘sexual assault’ is part of a disease called rape. “I just want to clarify the fact that we are anti-rape and we are gonna keep making art that will influence a better generation.