Rapper iFani Haymani has recently shared on Twitter that his PhD aspirations are certainly underway. He has went back to school this year to pursue his PhD and he has also assured us that by 2021 we will be addressing him as DR iFani. Now when we talk about levels, we are definitely talking about such things

It is an undeniable fact that the hip hop industry or entertainment industry in general is reaching a level that has never been seen before. There are many hip hop artists, rappers rather who are finding the value of education beyond the stage and lights. We must admit that rappers such as the likes of iFani are great influence to the society

iFani once said that once he is done with his 3rd Quadrant, he will get his Phd and by the 4th Quadrant he’ll be Dr. iFani. It s clear that he is hitting books just to better himself and not financial gain.