She was the runner up in the recent The Search: E! Host South Africa, and she has years of experience in TV as a news anchor at ANN7. DRUM caught up with media personality Abigail Visagie to talk media, love and coming second to Katleho Sinivasan.
So The Search: E! Host South Africa? How was it being in the competition?
It was great but absolutely challenging. All eight contestants were different, but we all got along. There was no drama or fighting or backstabbing. It was a competition but a fair one. And I learnt a whole lot about entertainment especially since I have been doing hard news all this time.
What were your favorite moments during the show?
My favorite moment happen off screen, when Kat and I were sitting and speaking about who will be in the final. I told him it was going to be me and him and he was saying it could be anyone. I insisted because something in me just told me that. In that moment when we both agreed that it would be us, fireworks went off from one house nearby, and we looked up. It was as if the universe was confirming what we had just said. It was such a surreal moment.’
A moment in the show you would want to forget?
When a casting agent who was a judge for a task called me vain. I was so heartbroken by that. It felt like an attack and I even cried. What surprised me was how social media reacted and then supported me, I thought social media would agree with her, but they didn’t. Having that support was so heartwarming.
When Kat won, you seemed really happy for him. Not fake or just smile for the camera…
I was and still am happy that he won. Kat deserved that win. During our time on the show he and I became close friends and we shared stories of our lives with each other. And knowing what he has put into the industry since he started at 15, and his talent I wasn’t at all peeved that I lost to him.
So what’s next now? 
Well I am still a news anchor here at ANN7, I am going to be on radio and TV soon. That’s all I can say. The show opened doors for me, and in a new months I will be reaping those benefits.
And you and Akani, when did you start dating?
Well its a few months now. We have known each other for a while but only started dating on the 1st of January 2017. He asked me out as the clock struck 12 on new year’s eve it was so so sweet. We are happy and he is one of my biggest supporters. He is focused and ambitious and he treats me like a queen.
Our parting shot is; What would people be surprised to know about you?
That unlike most people I have had chicken pox twice, first when I was a child, then two years ago.