Many people may seem not to have a problem when someone labels them as a “Yello Bone”. Well DJ Zinhle is certainly not like the best of us. She is left fuming after a Uber driver called Baby Kairo a yellow bone. She took to twitter to disclose how much she finds that offensive

“When the Uber driver calls your child a “yellow bone” I find that ‘yellow bone’ rubbish quiet offensive” Zinhle wrote on Twitter. She went on to say that some people may find it flattering, but she doesn’t. Zinhle has vowed that she will never, not even on a dull day allow people to call her daughter a ‘yellow bone’.

As annoyed as she sounds, she however said that she calmly and respectfully told the Uber driver not to label her daughter as a yellow bone. “I don’t want my child to be labeled, label your damn self” she added.