Gospel star Sfiso Ncwane's widow, Ayanda, has broken her silence in her first interview since his death, detailing intimate moments of the last few days with her husband.

In what can be dubbed as an emotionally-charged interview with Ukhozi FM's Laddy D, Ayanda explained that she had finally summed up the courage to share Sfiso's last moments and clear any confusion his fans may still have.

She said that her husband was a hard worker and that leading up to his death he did not slow down until his second last day.

"He went to Limpopo on the third of December for a performance. The back-up vocalist told me that immediately after that performance Sfiso just lay flat on the ground, saying that he had completed his work," she said.

Ayanda added that when she called to find out how it went, Sfiso said it went well but he was feeling "really tired".

When Sfiso returned home from Limpopo all he asked for was food and to rest, Ayanda recalled.

She said that Sfiso was scheduled to perform the next day but asked to cancel because he was not feeling well.

Ayanda wanted to take Sfiso straight to the hospital, but he apparently insisted that he was not in any pain. "I am not feeling pain anywhere. I will go to the doctor tomorrow," Sfiso told her.

Later that afternoon the gospel star and his wife chatted like they usually did, until things went horribly wrong.

Ayanda broke down with emotion as she recalled how she found Sfiso collapsed on the bathroom floor. "An ambulance was called as we prayed and also poured water onto Sfiso to wake him. A few minutes later, he woke up confused by the fuss we were causing, asking what happened," an emotional Ayanda said.

The gospel star was rushed to Fourways Life Hospital where doctors spent hours trying to find out what was wrong with him. After a few hours doctors broke the news that Sfiso was suffering from kidney failure to Ayanda.

Doctors worked through the night to do everything possible for the gospel star, while Ayanda turned to God. Ayanda broke down in tears as she remembered getting to the hospital by 8am the next day and the moment doctors broke the news of Sfiso's death to her.

"It was at 9.30am when they pulled me outside suddenly, I didn’t even ask why. The doctor came back and held my hand and said, 'Sisi (sister) I am sorry, your husband didn’t make it,'" she said.

A teary Ayanda said that she was in complete shock and refused to believe Sfiso was gone. "I went next to him. I asked him not to leave me. I begged him. I even tried to move him, but he was gone."

Even though the past three months have been difficult for Ayanda she is grateful for the overwhelming support she's received, as she accepts Sfiso's death as "God's will".