Following the disappearance of two Kuils River teens last week, the Daily Voice can now reveal that FIVE young girls in total from the area have gone missing.

Four of the girls vanished without a trace in just one week, while a 15-year-old who went missing last August is still being sought.

There are now fears of a kidnapping syndicate operating in Kuils River.

Robyn Van Leeve

Atlantis ward councillor Barbara Rass, who works with human trafficking victims, says there appears to be signs of a syndicate at work.

"SAPS should investigate people closest to these young girls, check for similarities. It could be human trafficking,” Rass cautioned.

“Young girls of today are so gullible and these culprits just know how to lure them.

“Most times the syndicate will have a recruiter, someone known to the girls and known in the community.”

The first girl to disappear was Chumisa Fatyela, 15, who was last seen at her home in Kuils River on 28 August last year.

Chumisa Fatyela was last seen at her home in Kuils River on 28 August last year. Photo: Twitter

On 27 February, Chandre Snyman, 16, from the same area, disappeared from Labori High School in Paarl.

The blue-eyed blonde girl was last seen at 11am at her school.

Two days later, on 1 March, best friends Nayoca Plato, 17, and Robin van Leeve, 19, also vanished.

The girls were last seen at about 7.15 am near McDonald’s at the corner of Kerk Street and Van Riebeeck Road in Kuils River.

A day later, Macaela du Preez, 17, disappeared while on her way to school in Bellville.
On Monday police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk said the girls were all still missing.

Nayoca Plato

“The investigation continues, there are no new developments to report,” Van Wyk said.

The Pink Ladies Organisation has asked the public to allow them to do their jobs and bring the girls home.

“We are very concerned about the amount of girls disappearing in the Kuils River area,” spokeswoman Dessi Rechner said.

"We need people to treat us with respect and allow us to do our jobs.

“We want to get these girls back

Nayoca’s mother Karin Plato says she is sick with fear over her missing child.

“The time frame of her disappearance is too long now,” the mom said.

“Nayoca, I pray that you come home safely. May the Holy Spirit be with you and protect you.
“Daddy is having sleepless nights over his ‘doll’. You are loved and everyone is waiting on you to come home."

A Kuils River community worker also believes the girls may have been lured away.

Posting on the Kuils River Community Page on Facebook, Dawn Roode said: “More awareness programmes need to be done. It’s becoming so dangerous for our girls because they trust easily and think everyone are their friends that they meet but then these 'friend/friends' have other evil motives.”

Rass appealed to parents and communities to keep a close eye on their children.

“I beg that parents and young girls be cautious. Parents, take note of your children's friends. “Take note of unknown cars, take down number plate numbers.

“Most cases where young girls disappear, the person who lured them is known to them.”

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