Home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba was criticised on Wednesday for attending the funeral of Ahmed Kathrada – barely a year after lashing out at disgruntled “so-called ANC stalwarts”.

Kathrada was among dozens of veterans and former party leaders‚ including Trevor Manuel and Cheryl Carolus‚ who called on President Jacob Zuma to step down last year.

Gigaba did not mince his words when he described them as “a mixed bag of so-called ANC stalwarts and disillusioned ex-ANC leaders” who were ill disciplined.

Some observers were scathing on social media on Wednesday‚ when Gigaba appeared at the funeral and prepared to carry Kathrada’s coffin.

Palesa Morudu‏ tweeted‚ “Malusi Gigaba actually called #UncleKathy an 'illdisciplined so-called stalwart'. Things cadres say in the service of the Zupta project.”

Journalist and author Mandy Wiener responded with‚ “And now he is literally carrying his coffin.”

Gigaba hit back at Morudu in a tweet – during the funeral service – saying: “I have never referred to Uncle Kathy in that manner as you insinuate. For you to use this during this time‚ it’s too low.”

He added‚ “I was on election campaign with Oom Kathy last year way after April & our relationship was good till his time of passing.”

Max Gebhardt‏ was among those who were surprised that Gigaba was at the funeral.
“Gigaba has no shame. Goes to #KathradaFuneral after calling him last year a so-called stalwart”

For those who had forgotten what the minister had said about the veterans‚ MaxDaVinci‏ tweeted a link to a televised recording of his scathing comments.

Auris pulled no punches with his observation at the funeral: “What's that dimwit Gigaba doing there after he called #AhmedKathrada ill-disciplined and more.”