7de Laan certainly took their viewers in a new direction with a gay kiss that stirred up a storm on social media.

It was a brave moment for the popular Afrikaans soapie in which the dashing Logan (played by Simon du Toit) passionately kissed his on screen husband, much to the consternation of the two waitresses harbouring a crush on him, and some of the show's conservative viewers.

In the episode in question, the two waitresses from the show's Oppiekoffie cafe, Amorey (Kristen Raath) and Petro (Carla van der Merwe), find out firsthand that their crush will never be anything more as Logan kisses husband Divan (played by Arnu de Villiers)

The show's Facebook page was flooded with positive comments after the scene, with most viewers praising the move, while a small minority registered their disgust.

"No matter what there will always be people judging ..Come on this is the real world ,this is happening in reality . Loved it last night , keep up the good work 7de laan," posted one viewer, Megan Muller, as naysayers denounced the scene as "unbiblical".