Twitter has been set on fire as the Dr Malinga and Nasty C feud spirals out of control.

Dr Malinga has responded with a string of spicy clap backs after the Hell Naw rapper seemingly took aim at him in a video.

"Next time when I see Nasty C, I'll act like I'm kicking a mosquito knowing he's my target, lol kidding," read one of Malinga's tweets.

Twitter users have flooded the platform with a string of memes and comments, making Malinga one of the most talked about topics in the country.

It all started when Malinga threw massive shade at Nasty C earlier this week, labelling him a "pawn shop" for apparently keeping things that didn't belong to him.

The Juice Back hitmaker fired back with a stinging video of his own, which evidently spurred Malinga into action.

And then things just went down hill from there!
Source: timeslive