Earlier this week musician Dr Malinga took a jab at rapper Nasty C and calling him a “pawn shop keeping things that do not belong to him,”, this tweet came from the fact that Dr Malinga belived that Nasty C didn’t deserve the Song Of The Year Award he received at the recent Metro FM Awards. As one would expect, Nasty C didn’t take that comment lying down.

The rapper took to his Instagram on Wednesday to post a video lambasting Dr Malinga, in the video he calls him a “103” year old who wears “pink shoes and green shorts up to his man boobs” who’s “pretending to kick down planes on stage.”

Speaking exclusively to DRUM Dr Malinga addressed why he felt Nasty C shouldn’t have gotten song of the year, he’s real feelings about Nasty C and how Nasty C responded to him.

Why did you call Nasty C a pawn shop who keep things that not belong to him?

I know people who deserves that award like Babes Wodumo, Nasty C doesn’t deserves it, maybe in his company they do. but I don’t and I won’t lie.

Do you not believe in the audited results?

I don’t want to talk about the results, I am talking about music as an artist and as a music fan who believes in music.

Where is this fight going to go?

I like facts, I’m not fighting at anyone I’m just telling the truth as it is, if I would say I love the results of Nasty C being given the Song of the Year award I would be lying.

As someone older do you feel people may pervasive you as bulling someone younger?

I don”t care about age. there is no young and old, I cant lie and go to that boy and say congratulations, he can hate me but I still say he doesn’t deserve song of the year.

Some may say you are just a hater…

I love Nasty C but my opinion is that he doesn’t deserve it, maybe in his company they believe that but I don’t.

How do you feel about his response, because he said you are 103 years old?

This shows that he is childish, he was talking as a grown up man he would’ve said I’m 36 years old. He must just be African and leave the Jay Z style and learn about his roots.