Remember when Riky Rick took to Metro Music Awards stage to blast the station and continued his rant on twitter about how the kids should just focus on using the internet than crying for radio stations to play their music? Well, queen B* who happens to work for Metro FM seems to disagree. “Don’t get it twisted, you need radio,” is Bonang responding to Riky Rick’s rant?

“Don’t Get It Twisted, You Need Radio,” Is Bonang Responding To Riky Rock’s Rant?

“Please… in SA, you STILL need radio play…it might change… but NOW, you NEED radio… Don’t get it twisted…you need radio. Don’t be fooled. And that’s the truth. Full stop,” Bonang tweeted.

When one pointed out that traditional radio might be going out of style, the Front Row on Metro FM host says South Africans’ problem is they think this is America.

Bonang says SA artists still need radio especially new artists and questions why artist were mad after the Metros Awards if radio wasn’t that important.

Bonang believes until the data is cheaper in South Africa, traditional radio will remain on top.