Now we're sure you're able afford your own things, but there's no harm in getting some nice furniture for an even cheaper price.

DJ Zinhle, who has mentioned that she's moving houses, surprised her fans when she revealed that she will be auctioning some of her belongings via what she terms as an Insta-auction.

Zinhle revealed the news recently.

" Auction alert! This is crazy but... why not. I'll be moving to a new home soon. Yay! I won't be taking any of the items from where I live now into the new home so I'll be auctioning them here... I'll be starting the action tomorrow at 11 am... spread the word.. happy shopping!!!"

Please note that the auction has since moved to 1 pm today, 6 March 2017.

We personally would love her gold encrusted, bedroom mirror she's always posing in front of, these kinds of mirrors are perfect for a last minute check of your outfit.

Ooh but wait, then there's that chair with the gold legs and arms that we've been eyeing as well.

We might be pushing it a bit, but if this is also her tea-set we'd love it if she also auctioned it off!

So will you be getting something from DJ Zinhle's auction?