At some point, DJ Cleo and Brickz were a dangerous duo in the music industry, in a good way, of course. Every Brickz track DJ Cleo produced was bound to be a hit.

However, their fallout in recent years caused a huge rift between the two artists, to such an extent that they completely discontinued to work or even communicate with each other for almost 10-years.

Even though Brickz released a couple of songs over the years, it has never been quite the same.

Brickz has missed that Wheel of Steel Productions touch, but it seems like the dynamic duo has buried the hatchet and are ready to bless us with more hits from their collaboration.

DJ Cleo recently posted a video of him and Brickz jamming in studio and even though there is no sound coming from the video, we can tell that the song they're listening to is quite enjoyable.

Are the two cooking up another hit song? We sure hope so.
DJ Cleo please bring back that Sweety My Baby Brickz back, we've missed him.