After months of hogging headlines last year DJ Black Coffee has come out to set the record straight on how the 'beef' between him and AKA started.
It's no secret that AKA and Black Coffee aren't the best of friends. The pair got embroiled in a series of heated twars, which came to a head when Black Coffee planted a hot klap on one of AKA's team members in September last year.

Things spiralled out of control from there with AKA blasting Black Coffee on social media labelling his actions, "ignorant, tasteful and immature".

While everyone watched the spicy twars unfold on social media, and grabbed a bowl of popcorn when the slapping incident made headlines, it wasn't clear where it all started.

During a recent interview on Phat Joe's East Coast Radio show, Black Coffee revisited the feud to set a few things straight.

Black Coffee explained that while he couldn't remember the year it all started, he did remember that it was after he made an appearance at the annual Channel O Music Awards.

“I won an award and he (AKA) tweeted give Black Coffee a hand,” Black Coffee shared.

Black Coffee added that at that point he didn’t even know who AKA was, and was alerted to the tweet when other people questioned the rapper over it.
The tweet upset Black Coffee and his fans. "That’s where it started for me. It upset me so much the following day I looked for him. I called him, spoke to him," Black Coffee explained.

He added that he asked the rapper “man to man” if there was a problem between them that he was oblivious to. AKA apparently said that the tweet had been taken "out of context" and that there was no malicious intention behind it, and Black Coffee accepted that.
But the DJ said the peace didn’t last long because AKA continued to seemingly mock him. "Two weeks later he (AKA) did a song, where he mentioned that he is so dope that even Black Coffee claps for him," he said.

Well at least now you know the history!