When she was on Diski Diva's a lot of social media trolls tried to bring her down by referring to her as gogo Nonhle, but we're yet to see a gogo as fine as Nonhle.

Since Nonhle left Diski Diva's last year, we've seen a great change in how she's positioned herself as not only a brand but a professional fitness trainer.

Thank goodness she left the show, as it was clearly bringing her a lot of negative publicity with not only her fellow cast members but with the public as a whole.

Fast forward to 2017 and Nonhle is just winning in all aspects of her life.

From being an absolutely sexy mommy...

To being a very supportive partner to her the father of her child, Andile Jali.
And it's clear that she's quite a healthy cook

Since Nonhle has made a clear direction of where she wants to take her career as a fitness athlete, her Instagram page has also changed drastically. She no posts pictures just for the sake of posting them but actually posts images that will help people either lose weight, eat healthily or get fit.

We love her sense of humor nowadays.
We're definitely taking note of how Nonhle Ndala wants to be perceived in the public and it's inspiring. Gone are the days when we only saw her as that lady who was on Diski Diva's.
And how gorgeous does she look when she's not in her training clothes? This dress is absolutely everything and more! 
Nonhle Ndala, the M.V.P of the yummy mommy gang.