Tonight's bachelor is Thembinkosi Sikuphela, a Digital Media Coordinator and Businessman.

He has been single for the past 18 months. Thembinkosi's last relationship ended because his ex was on a spiritual journey of finding herself.

Thembinkosi is looking for a smart woman who can carry conversations, he says ignorance is a deal breaker, he would love to have a partner that is clued up about the world

The first bachelorette was Amanda from Centurion, she is a Project Manager and her ideal guy is a good looking man, someone that looks like Denzel Washington.

She wants a guy that is a little arrogant and spontaneous.

The date with her family went okay, the only awkward encounter was when Thembinkosi told them that he is an atheist.

The second bachelorette was 26 year old Thandi from Kempton Park, she is looking for a guy that has a great sense of humor.

" I want a guy that is employed, fit & independent."

We must admit that the date with her family was very funny, her friends are hilarious. We were on the floor cracking up at some of the things they said

The final bachelorette was Penny from Joburg, she is Vlogger who is looking for a man that is independent.

The date with her family went well but they had already written off the bachelor from the beginning because of the size of his body.

He is apparently too sweet for Penny, whatever that means

Thembinkosi chose Penny and the date was a disaster. She was very rude and unpleasent.

Thembinkosi seems like a really nice guy and none of the families & bachelorettes on tonight's episode could see that because they were all focused on the physical.

I mean, Thembinkosi seemed really cool but none of them saw that, he was body shamed throughout the show by the contestants and their family members because of the size of his body.

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