More allegations against General Thekisho continue to surface as the former Date My Family contestant gets accused for being a con artist and more.

This season's Date My Family has given us a lot of interesting people to talk about, some may come across as people who are in search of love, whilst others disguise themselves as potential dates, meanwhile, they're people in search of a man/woman with an impressive job and car

[Note to self: Don't do this Date My Family thing if you don't have a car, single South African people are that fickle]

This past weekend's episode was no different as we got introduced to bachelor - General Thekisho who did not succeed in getting a second date with Zinhle.

What he did succeed in doing is exposing himself to Files Twitter, our very own social media investigators who have exposed a lot of Date My Family contestants in the past.

Twitter Files recently released this picture of General who seems to be a member of the political party - EFF.However, the most damning file on General is the rumour that he allegedly scams people. The accusations were swirling all over social media recently.

Whilst we chose to ignore the allegations, a reader, who requested for their names to not be mentioned in the article, sent us an e-mail about General, claiming that the man is apparently a con artist who spends his time chatting up women on dating sites.

"That guy is a con artist. I had an encounter with him. He thought I was monied and stupid. He is looking for women who are monied. All those things that he said he has, he doesn't. He owns none of those things. He doesn't even have a car." Read the e-mail

Anonymous continued to add that General used to be called Advocate Thekisho Mosome Peter and allegedly had a fake office in Roodepoort.

"In his advocate bag, he used to carry ABSA stamps, people's I'd's. In his wallet, he was having advocates access card but when I check him on the roll of advocates he was not there."

Guys, surely Date My Family screens people's backgrounds before they feature on the show, no?

These are just some of the allegations that are being retweeted all over Twitter.