Caster Semenya, Olympic Champion, has started a new venture to promote girls’ menstrual health. She co-partenered with Shamila Ramjawa, to address the issue of girls in townships and rural communities whom miss up to 7 days of school a month due to their periods. The ladies have embarked on fixing this dire problem by creating a product named the Princess D menstrual cup. 

The product is especially useful for the girls in its cost-effective nature, hygiene and ability to last up to ten years. They both believe that equipping the girls with a product such as this allows them to live better lives without having to suffer every month without the proper care.

Semenya has used her brand to attract corporate sponsorship to support this initiative for large mass of cups to be donated to girls in rural areas. Semenya and Ramjawa sponsored the Princess D Menstrual Cup for the Top 12 Miss South Africa contestants.

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