We will honestly never get enough of reading about the First Lady Of Sports Carol Tshabalala, and since she got appointed as a UK sports broadcasters she continues to impress with her work ethic.

It's rare to see women thrive in a male dominated working environment, especially in the sports anchoring field, but Carol Tshabalala has showed everyone with a dream that any level of success is possible if you invest in your own passion.

Carol is currently on the cover of the March Issue of Destiny magazine talking about her new sports gig abroad

After Carol Tshabalala's appearance on UK soccer show FanZone, Premier League offered her an opportunity of a lifetime to be an anchor on Football Today. Luckily for her SA fans, Carol is not tied down by her UK contract she can still give South Africans her best of her sports anchoring.

"I'll do Football Today once a month, so each time I'll fly to the UK, film the show, take in a Premier League game or two, connect with friends and come home. I'm used to it - it's like traveling to Durban." Said Carol.

"I'll be in the studio covering the build up to the games, talking to players, discussing their form and talking to experts and analysis." She said.

Carol also spoke on getting women into sports more.

"I'm disappointed when women enter this space in order to become well known, make famous friends or have access to players. We need female representation, but it must be knowledgeable, efficient and professional." Said Carol Tshabalala