Malaika’s Bongani opens up about the love of his life and their fairytales.

Speaking to DRUM, the former member of the multi-award winning trio Malaika, Bongani Nchang (39) who went into depression after his divorce from his ex wife Nthabiseng who he had been married to for three years, says he is in a much better space now.

Bongani is now happily married to his manager Danoline who he met and dated 12 years ago at a beauty shop in Sandton.

“I walked past the shop and had to do a double take because in all of life and throughout all my travels I had never seen such beauty,” Bongani reminisces about the time he met Danoline.

“He walked up to me and started chatting me up, he mumbled something in English and I realized he had difficulty trying to say what he wanted to say,” Danoline adds.

Despite their initial attraction and mutual like for each other the two dated briefly and but life got in the way. Years later they found each other and then rekindled their romance.