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21 April 2017 

Episode : 03

Neo and Karabo run to Kgotso to report the accident and he tries talking sense to them saying they need to go to the police but they refuse.

SABC 2 | Bone of my Bones | 21:30  | Wednesday 


This series chronicles around a group of four male friends who have been friends from childhood into adulthood. We follow these men as they struggle with the mundane of everyday life and their relationships with strong-willed and opinionated women who refuse to have their voices suppressed. Through these couples we unpack what it means to love a person and what they’re willing to do to show that love, and how they triumph or fail through challenges presented in their relationships and in the lives? This is a series that aims to unpack relationships while sticking to the core of drama, and that is telling authentic stories that will entertain, resonate and educate.

“The series is controlled by a universal theme: LOVE. We have all been in love or at least know people that have been. The four leading characters are all in different relationships and throughout the series we get to explore their journeys, where viewers will identify with their struggles, fears and victories. Even relationships that are born in heaven sometimes go through hell. We also have an amazing cast which viewers will enjoy “Said, NZB Majola Ka Masuku – Executive Producer.

Solomon Sebothoma
Aubrey Poo
Kgaugelo Mosomane
Kabelo Moalusi
It is Kgotso and Keitumetse’s wedding and everyone is present. Neo, who is the best man, is nowhere to be found, this has Kgotso up in arms because Neo has the rings and the wedding has just started.
Keitumetse’s mother is running the show, making people feel uncomfortable, even Keitumetse herself. The stakes are raised when Keitumetse’s ex-boyfriend Thabiso who arrives at the wedding just when the pastor asks if there is anyone wanting to stop the wedding, but being a gentleman that he is, Thabiso does not stop the wedding instead giving the newlyweds a wedding gift.
When they get home they consummate their marriage, Kgotso has been virgin and this is his first time. The moment is not satisfactory for Keitumetse as Kgotso reaches his climax in seconds.

BONE OF MY BONES is produced by Sothar Pictures.
Executive Producers:
NZB Majola Ka Masuku
Zandile P. Majola
Head Writer:
Sipho Xolisa Tshapu
Language: Multi-Lingual