Former Miss SA Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala has described how she blocked a couple's car on the road and made them apologise publicly after being involved in a racist incident with them.

Bokang said she didn't care that she was a public figure or a former beauty queen causing a scene, she was determined to make the couple apologise for what they had done.

The former Miss SA detailed how she was driving when the couple in a car behind her allegedly started hurling racist insults at her.

"You're a fucken monkey. Monkeys can't drive. Fuck you, you monkey."

Bokang followed them and blocked their car, making them apologise in front of everyone on the road.

"I made them apologize in front of all the people on the road because there was no way this black african and so proud of being it woman was going to allow them get away with it, not even the forced apology makes it ok or a little better,their mindset is what we need to fix... I refuse after so many years of being a democratic country to be subjected to such."