“Today when I go pick my boy at school when it was raining‚ I met two white kids and there was lots of water on the side of the road‚ I accelerated and spilled water on to them. S**t it felt great to see them wet. I felt proud of myself‚” Obakeng Mothupi said on Facebook..

Justin Thomatos reacted‚ “An idiot that takes pride in something like this is an idiot with no future and part of the reason why we have so much hate and racism in our country” while Thapi NW ZN Choche commented‚ “Hmnmn I am in shock… Poor kids”.

In defence of his post‚ he later said: “To everyone who said I was a terrible person when I spilled water on white kids the other day today a white person spilled water on black kids & after that incident I followed that bakkie till spar & fortunately I parked close to it white kids who were with him were so happy of what they saw & the driver was so excited as if he just reached climax. Now i'll wait for your opinions especially those who raised them that day”.

Mothupi followed these posts with more verbal attacks on white South Africans.

He stated that if he could be god for an hour‚ he would take the lives of all white people. In another post‚ he showed a photo of a motorbike accident and said it was an answer to his prayers to see a white person die.

The posts were made on January 25‚ February 7 and March 1. His Facebook profile lists him as married‚ from Lichtenburg‚ North-West‚ and a former student at Taletso FET College working at Masarasarane Trading & Projects. He proclaims his support of the ruling party in various posts.

Calls are growing on social media for Mothupi’s utterances to be investigated by the SA Human Rights Commission.

Earlier this week‚ Sport and Recreation Minister Fikile Mbalula was urged to fire a communications manager for posting a racially offensive comment on social media.

“Only Western Cape still has dry dams. Please God‚ we have black people there‚ choose another way of punishing white people‚” Esethu Hasane posted on Twitter and Facebook on Monday. Hasane is the media and communications manager of the Department of Sport and Recreation.

“The fact that three days have passed and the minister has not fired Hasane or taken any action for that matter‚ means that he either shares this racist view or condones it‚” DA MP Darren Bergman said in a statement on Thursday. “This would seem to contradict the minister’s previous views on racism and sport. Responding to racists comments made last year‚ he said that racists ‘have no place in our society and must be isolated as they take us backwards’.”

A request for comment has been sent to the SAHRC and Mothupi.