Remember back in 2015 when Chris Brown found a girl in his house cooking in his rob? Well, back here in Mzansi, ladies love some Nasty C and almost a similar situation happened to him, not sure if the girl took some inspiration from Chris Brown’s case though. Awkward! Nasty C shares how a random girl broke into his bedroom.

Nasty told Tshisa Live about an awkward incident that happened when he was still living with some friends. “I was sharing a place with some friends at the time. I didn’t lock the door because I didn’t think that I would be disturbed but this girl came into my room one night and pulled the blankets off of my face while I was sleeping and started taking pictures,” he said.

What happened next could serve as a great lesson to some who think it might be a good idea to “surprise” their favorite rappers like this girl did.

“That was my first reaction, I was angry. I didn’t have to pay her back or buy her a new phone because I think we both knew that what she had done was wrong,” Nasty C told the local publication.

Well, we bet he has never left his door unlocked since that day.