Popular hip hop artists Fifi Cooper, B3nchMarQ and A-Reece will soon be reduced to mere shower and bath tub MCs if their former boss Kgosi Mahumapelo gets his way.

Mahumapelo's lawyers have written letters to radio and TV stations instructing them to refrain from broadcasting all the songs the artists recorded under his record label Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The lawyers have also instructed promoters not to book the stars to perform the songs.

Mahumapelo said the matter was sub judice and declined to comment.

"I have been advised not to speak to the media about this matter until the legal process has been completed. But this shouldn't be seen as a war against the radio stations or the promoters. We are just exercising our rights as a record company," he said.

Fifi Cooper laughed off the legal bid and said the show will go on for her.

"They won't stop me. Fans want the music. Stations that get bribed will stop playing our music," she said.

Artists B3nchMarQ and A-Reece could not be reached for comment.

The lawyer's letter, titled "Ongoing legal and copyright conflict with A-Reece" and written by the stable's legal advisor Kealeboga Keetile, aims to stop the artists from performing their hit songs such as Mngani and Paradise.

"If you don't comply with this instruction, it will entitle us to use your failure to comply as evidence of wilful infringement and we will seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your part in the copyright (sic) infringement," read the letter in part.

The record label also sent another letter to radio and TV stations ordering them to stop playing Fifi Cooper's songs such as Kuze Kuse and Puntsununu.

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago said it would be difficult for them to comply with the order.

"We don't accept record companies into our stations, but we accept artists," he said.

YFM programmes manager Tshepo Pule said they would not comply with the order.

"All these artists are still on our playlist and will be on the playlist in future provided they give us good music," said Pule.

"We are not in the business of pulling out songs, we are in the business of playing music."

Fifi Cooper was fired from the stable for allegedly violating her contract.

A-Reece and B3nchMarQ apparently left the stable after clashing with Mahumapelo over money issues.