We know AKA is a "die-hard" ANC member but on Thursday during an interview on the Touch Down, he explained his loyalty and why he thinks President Jacob Zuma deserves credit.

"I have massive respect for our president and I feel like he does not get enough credit for what he has done for the country," AKA said. The rapper explained that JZ was the man during whose term a lot of big events happened.

He mentioned the 2010 World Cup and the funeral of former president Nelson Mandela as examples of events that were successfully executed during Zuma's term.

"When it comes to the ANC, let me just set the record straight. The ANC has not paid me enough to speak for them. I do it because of my background and what my father has taught me," AKA explained.

The rapper reiterated that it is irresponsible of him, as an artist, not to have or share his opinions. He maintains that he does want to impose his beliefs or opinions on people, but he is not going to stop because people are catching feelings!