Mzansi’s hit making rapper AKA (Kiernan Jarryd Forbes) is one of the stars who is known for not mincing his words and saying things as they are. In a Twitter rant earlier today AKA tasked SA Hip Hop stars to ‘wake up’ and start really using their talent instead of being mediocre.

Even though we are not too sure where the whole incident came from, AKA had some advice for his peers saying; “SA HIP HOP/RAP is in the midst of an identity crisis,” he said in one tweet. He alluded to the fact that most rappers don’t even write their own lyrics and suggesting that they may lack creativity.

“You dummies praise & congratulate Black Coffee but are totally unwilling to follow his example. Totally unwilling to sound like yourselves,” he tweeted. “80% of rappers aren’t even saying shit. Can’t even write a song about falling IN or falling OUT of love,” he added.

AKA then went on to say that as much as his message is targeted to Hip Hop stars its mostly for the new rappers.

“This message is most important for the younger guys in the game. The kids are listening to YOU, embrace YOUR sound & responsibility,”AKA advised.