When you're rich and famous, what problems could you possibly have?

More often than not, the myth has been shattered because celebrities are now letting us into their private lives.

Some of our local celebrities have been open about their mental health struggles, from attempted suicides, to anxiety attacks and depression, these stars have been brave enough to open up about their mental health issues and that has helped with ending the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Lets take a look at some of the celebrities who have been open about their struggles with mental illness.
Lalla Hirayama 
The TV personality revealed her struggles with Anxiety Attacks last year, she said that she was diagnosed with the condition five years ago. She once had an attack on National TV but she managed to overcome it.

She told Times Live that during the early years of her disorder, she had up to 12 panic attacks a day.
Ifani opened up to Drum magazine about feeling depressed, in the in-depth interview he said, “2013 was a full year of depression. I would only come to life on stage because I was feeding off the audience’s energy. But as I left the stage, I was back to my misery,”

Hip hop star, HHP has been open about his struggles, the Bosso Ke Mang hit maker stunned the country when he admitted that he had tried to take his own life three times. 

He is now doing a whole lot better and we wish him well.

Bonnie Mbuli
The actress and TV presenter opened up about her depression in her book, Eye bags & Dimples. In an interview with IOL, she said that it began at a young age & that it is something that was prevalent in her family, her mom was also suicidal when she was young.

She said, “The trauma of my childhood had caused so much psychological and emotional damage that, over time, it translated into physical symptoms, and insufficient serotonin was causing my clinical imbalance."

Bonnie who is also a mom is in a much better place and her story has helped other people overcome their struggles.

Theo Nhlengethwa

Daily Sun

Boom Shaka star, Theo had a rough patch in 2014 when he went through depressive episodes, it was a culmination of many tragic events including the death of Lebo Mathosa, speaking to Drum magazine he said, "People have said the most shocking things about me and it's one of the reasons I landed up in hospital. I became a joke and a laughing stock in the industry”.

Celebrities are just like the rest of us, they go through things too & we should learn to be a little more sensitive when addressing them.