In the past, a person could be considered a celebrity by being an actor or a Tv/radio presenter but this doesn't apply in this day and age. Instagrammers such as Melody Molale and Lauren Campbell have acquired fame through their envy-worthy social media pages.

Get ready to be blown away by the lives of these Instagrammers:

Give us Melody Molale's life and we are done. Melody is living, she is pretty, lovable and she has that welcoming aura. This stylista is in the same circle with Mrs. Zama Gigaba and on Instagram she is it 104k with followers.
Kefilwe Mabote is leading with followers on Instagram, with a total of 363k followers. If you have no idea who Kefilwe is, you are so far behind but worry not because we are here to school you. Kefilwe is a fashionista of note and a brand influencer, should you be in need of style tips, her Instagram page is where you should be camping.
Tshego Manche, better known as Ms. Manche in social media streets. Ms. Manche is a lover of all things stylish and we love her style, it is not too much, just perfect. She has a following of 94.7k on Instagram and is friends with Kefilwe Mabote.
Sarah Langa Mackay nearly gave us a heart attack when she showed off pictures of her wedding. She left us wondering, where did we go wrong? Why aren't we living this lavish lifestyle? Mrs. Mackay is at 112k with followers on Instagram.

Cape Town based fashionista Lauren Campbell has a following of 44.6 k on Instagram. The 22-year-old blogger was featured on Vuzu's reality show Rich Kids last year and recently she is hanging with the likes of Kefilwe Mabote and Ms Manche.