Listen, you can ask anyone, when the DJ plays Ska Bhora Moreki in the club, you know people will lose their morals at that very moment. It’s no secret and it’s a known fact that this hit jam is all the rage on dance floors across the country.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about the Ska Bhora Moreki hitmaker:

1. The Molobedu born-singer’s real name is Khutso Steven Kgale and he was born and bred in Limpopo, just outside Tzaneen in a small village called Mokgolobotho

2. King Monada started off as a dancer in 2004 and in 2007 he became a singer and a producer

3. Peter Tenet is the Ska Bhora Moreki hitmaker’s role model

4. His debut album is called Monna Waka and it consists of 13 tracks

5. At the FAME SA Awards, he took an award for the Best Sepedi Artist, Best Dance Artist and Entertainer of the year

6. The 24-year-old is the second star to ever come out of that region (Mokgolobotho) and he says he has always yearned to be famous one day

7. Although his fame is only now becoming known to Jozi fans, he effortlessly fills up the stadiums in his hometown Mokgolobotho and the rest of Limpopo

8. He goes all out to entertain his fans. He is popular for his hyper-energetic performances

9. The 24-year-old says music is all he knows and he spends most of his time making hit tracks

10. Monada now has his eye on the Song of the Year Awards for both Metro FM and the South African Music Awards.
It also appears that King Monada is definitely Bolobedu’s most loved artist.