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10 SA Celebrities You Won’t Believe share Same Age are 29 years old

You’ll be surprised to know that these famous SA celebrities were born in the same year, but apparently have aged differently. Little did we know that a lot of “it” celebrities in Mzansi are 29 years old. That alone gave us an idea and we thought we could compile this list of Mzansi celebs you didn’t know were the same age.

AKA January – (28, 1988 

Amanda Du Pont- June 26, 1988 

Clement Maosa – May 9, 1988

Dumisani Masilela 31 May 1988 

Hulisani Ravele- 23 January 1988 

Khanya Mkangisa – March 13, 1988 

Pearl Modiadei -December 29, 1987

Nandi Mngoma – March 20, 1988

Pearl Thusi – May 13, 1988

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