1. At 11, Trevor was sleeping in cars at the garage and performing small services on cars
  2. Things took a wild turn financially, the family survived by eating morogo and mopane worms
  3. He would wake up, wash up in a janitor sink, brush his teeth in a little metal basin and brush his hair in the Toyota rearview
  4. He couldn’t do his homework because he had to worked so that they can keep the business going. However, no matter how many hours they put in, the business kept losing money and they eventually lost everything
  5. They couldn’t afford real food, he basically grew up poor and literally ate worms
  6. Noah accidentally burned his father’s employer’s house. The whole property burned down. The owners didn’t do anything to me because they were poor, so they couldn’t sue them
  7. He hated sleeping in cars, he hated eating worms. He basically hated it all but he didn’t have a choice
  8. Whenever he goes to school, he would get dressed without getting oil and grease all over his school clothes so the kids at school won’t notice that he lives in a garage
  9. His mother finally made a plan and they eventually got a job and a house and managed to put the ‘poor life’ to an end
  10. That was actually the hardest time of his life that he hated the most
Trevor’s level of drive and ambition is what actually keeps some of his fans on the toes. He is such an inspiration to many.