Instead of watching the weather channel waiting for Cyclone Dineo to hit your hood, we suggest you watch these Dineo’s tear it up instead.

Tropical cyclone Dineo is on course to cause all kinds of devastation in Mozambique and the north- east border of South Africa in the next few days, bringing with it heavy winds and flooding.

While the storm has much of the country in a tizz, true celeb watchers will know that cyclone Dineos have been hitting Mzansi for ages- in the forms of Dineo Nchabeleng , Dineo Ranaka and Dineo Moketsi.

Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka has often brought strong winds of opinion and drama with her outbursts. She has, like the tropical cyclone, slowed down with time, but she’s still a powerful force with her reality shows Dineo’s Diary and The Ranakas.

Dineo Moeketsi

Like a tropical storm, actress Dineo Moketsi blows us away every single time she hits local TV screens. When she isn’t lighting up our screens, she’s locking lips with her bae Solo, which probably makes his head spin.