Surprise surprise! AKA and Bonang staged their weekend long break up. The rapper has come out to say it was all for the culture and y’all bought it and ran away with it. “We planned everything,” AKA admits to lying about the break up.

AKA says the staged break up was a publicity stunt for his new single, “Caiphus Song”. “I got the idea that instead of Valentine’s Day, I should do something kind of anti-Valentine’s Day due to the content of the song. I then came up with the idea and developed it from there,” he said.

AKA says he had to come up with a strategy to keep people talking throughout the weekend up until Tuesday. “We planned all the tweets from Friday up until the gift on Monday, and eventually the release,” he revealed.

Bonang obviously played along with it. “She loved it. She’s a visionary, just like me. I told her to trust me, and she did,” AKA revealed.