Pabi's baby daddy, Ruan Adams has posted videos of himself in a heated argument with Pabi's mom and aunt.

Adams has been alleging on social media that Pabi and her family are keeping him away from his son and that she didn't even put his name on the birth certificate as the father of Pabi's child.

In the first of two videos, Adams is locked in the house while Pabi's grandmother can be heard telling the helper to call the police. "We are going to open a criminal case for you wena," she says to Adams.

Meanwhile, Adams is asked to be let out, while the helper is outside begging for everyone to calm down and talk.

"Just let me go, please let me go," Adams can be heard saying repeatedly.

In the second video, Pabi's aunt claims that the child is hers and not Adams'. "Go get a child with your mother," she says to him.

All of this while the child is crying in the background.

According to Adams', there is a court case underway to resolve this matter but Pabi has not been responding to messages. He further claimed that Pabi thinks that "she is above the law, the law can't touch her" because she is a "celebrity" and he is a "regular guy".

We all thought the couple got married last year, but Ruan came clean about their marital status last night during his rant. Turns out Pabi was never married to Ruan, as she claimed last year.

Adams has since deleted his Instagram page. Pabi has not yet responded to the drama.

Watch the videos below! The couple got married last year and recently welcomed their first child.