In what can be dubbed as a revealing interview, Somizi Mhlongo has for the first time spoken out about the Grace Bible Church controversy, which hogged headlines two weeks ago.

Somizi cast the spotlight on homophobia in churches when he stormed out of a service, after a visiting pastor labelled homosexuality "unnatural" and "a sin".
In an interview with Carte Blanche Somizi detailed the events that led up to him blasting the church in a series of videos.
"I was a member of Grace Bible Church for 32 years and on that day when the pastor started saying he has never seen a male dog with another male dog, I deliberately stood up. I told myself, 'I am standing up for a reason'," he said.
Somizi explained that as he stood up during the middle of the sermon people smiled at him thinking that he couldn't take the heat or was embarassed.
However, the Idols SA judge explained that he stood up because he was tired of the hate against gay people.
"It's about time that, we cannot be scared to speak out about what hurts us. As a person of influence you cannot stand there and perpetuate hate and I'm tired of the church using the Bible to be homophobic," he said.
Somizi added that he has no problem with the scripture but has a problem with it being edited. "Don't edit the scripture say exactly what it states but don't edit it. I'm proud I stood up and created a debate."
Watch the full interview here: