There is rising tension between armed foreigners and those taking part in a contentious 'xenophobic' march organised by the Mamelodi Concerned Residents group in Pretoria.

Dozens of foreign-owned shops and properties have been attacked in Atteridgeville‚ Mamelodi and Pretoria West in the past week‚ raising concerns of an outbreak of xenophobic violence.

Police have fired rubber bullets to try and disperse protesters and the foreign nationals who have gathered:

A resident in Pretoria West earlier told TimesLIVE that she cannot leave her apartment complex due to intimidation by protesters‚ one of many unable to get to work on Friday.

Lindokuhle Xulu‚ a journalism student at TUT‚ is following the mob that is travelling by foot and in vehicles‚ as well as observing a growing number of foreigners who are gathering together for safety - and vowing to defend themselves.

His filming is showing a man having to produce his ID after he got a beating from the mob‚ the attempt by police to calm the situation‚ as well as the tension being experienced in the area between the two groups.