If you were rooting for Tebogo Louw to win South African Idols then you’ll be shocked to learn the singer himself wasn’t rooting for himself. “I never wanted to win Idols,” says Tebogo Louw.

The singer told Drum Mag how he only wanted to get to the live stage and perform in the top ten just to make people familiar with him.

“I wanted to go to the Top 10 so I could be able to sell my voice using the Idols platform and I achieved just that. On the show I had to be careful and not show my real personality. I am ‘crazy’ and there I had to be tame. Now that I am exposed, people will enjoy the real me,” he said.

The 25-year-old says he wants to bring back the funky Motown sound and high-pitched voices. “My upcoming album will be titled The Age of Tebogo and I will sing in both vernacular and English.”