We all know how Somizi doesn’t let anything trending pass him by. After AKA’s announcement on his “break up” with Bonang leaving social media calling it a publicity stunt, Somizi is sharing his two cents on the matter. Somizi reacts to Bonang and AKA’s “break up”.

Having had a nasty break up with Bonang himself, Somizi might be the one of the few people who would know what a real break up with Bonang would be like.

“One word to describe how I feel right now. After the events that took place this past week. PIRATES, DINEO, BREAK UPS or STUNTS, Areece and fifi leaving ambitious records, SONA,” Somizi captioned the word “DISCOMBOBULATED” which he says describes how he feels over this past week’s biggest social media events.

We have to say it’s not the big word that caught our attention, it’s Somizi thinking the “break up” is a stunt just like everyone on social media. Talk about shady, petty and saucy all wrapped in one.