It's difficult to believe that Sindi has been on Muvhango for 20 years, it seems like we were introduced to the 43-year-old actress just yesterday.

And yes, you read correctly, Sindi is 43-years-old but still looking gorgeous as ever.

According to Move Magazine, Sindi Dlathu began acting on Muvhango when she was only 17 years old, we vaguely remember as a young lady, Sindi dated, a character by the name of Edward who was first played by Glen Lewis.

Sindi Dlathu has always had a passion for entertainment in the Move Magazine article, it's also revealed that Sindi, at the age of 12 entered the Shell Road to Fame competition. She was also mentored by Mahotella Queen member, Mam' Nomsa Mtolo about the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

Muvhango has gone through a whole lot of drama, in 2015 it was reported that the cast of the drama series were not paid their salaries in January.

However, Sindi has remained loyal to the show despite its ups and downs, she was once quoted as saying:

"Muvhango has become my second home. I share the joys and lows of my life with this soapie - it's pure bliss."

Sindi Dlathu has always been media shy and attempting to get an interview with her has always proven to be a challenge when it comes to the media.