Sfiso Ncwane’s mother, Fikile Ncwane, believes her son was not really sick. “I want to know what and who killed my child because he was killed,” Fikile fumes. “I will not rest until I know what killed him. His wife Ayanda told the doctors not to show us the postmortem report. Who does that? I am the mother of her husband. I believe I have every right to know what killed my son.”

Sobbing uncontrollably, she shockingly reveals that on the day of his funeral (10 December 2016): “I spoke to Sfiso’s casket on the day and told him he should come back and fetch the person who killed him.”

Fikile says the passing of her son affected her and she has even consulted countless traditional healers to find out who killed the singer. Crushing the false reports that Sfiso’s spirit is haunting her, Fikile says Sfiso came to his uncle, Ngcobo, and his sister’s husband, Gumede, in dreams and told them his spirit is still at the hospital where he died and he wants to come home. Fikile told us they are preparing to come to Johannesburg to fetch his lost soul.

Sfiso died on 5 December last year at Fourways Life Hospital from kidney failure.