The mystery woman in the late gospel star Lundi Tyamara's life was allegedly involved in a fight with gospel musician Sechaba Pali whom she accused of kidnapping the sickly singer.

Thobeka Sogwagwa, whose relationship with the deceased singer is still an enigma, allegedly went toe-to-toe with Sechaba after he prohibited her from taking the ill artist away from his home in Katlehong township in December.

Lundi was being prayed for by Sechaba's father Johannes at the artist's home at the time of the incident. So serious was the fight that Sogwagwa unleashed police on Sechaba on allegations that he kidnapped the singer.

Sogwagwa allegedly wrapped Lundi up in a duvet and bundled him into her car and drove off with him to her Edenvale, Ekurhuleni, home.