Mzansi knew that something was wrong when Riky started out his Best Hit
Single winner's speech by saying that he wished he was more excited about winning the award, but that fans who knew his raps would know why he was a little disillusioned by it.

Fans of the rapper immediately knew that Riky was referring to the lines of a song he released last year. But in case you didn't know what he was talking about, Riky later took to Twitter to spell it out for fans.

Riky then took a swipe at the music and radio industries saying that 90 percent of the music on radio was "garbage" and encouraged young artists who were being blocked by radio to push their music on the internet instead.

Watch it below at the 2:26:00 mark

Riky was just getting started when his mic was cut, leaving him confused and angry.

TV audiences watched as he later addressed the issue in an interview backstage, telling audiences that he had a lot on his chest and that it was time for the powers that be to stop playing with the people because they were "not stupid".

He later took his message to Twitter.

Twitter was never ready and flooded the service with messages supporting Riky- making the rapper the most talked about topic in Mzansi.