Members of the EMPD Drug Enforcement Unit on Thursday, February 16th, arrested a 29-year-old suspected Nigerian drug supplier in Germiston, South Africa.

Officers swooped on the house, owned by the Nigerian national, in Bailleul Road, Delville, at 10am, and seized narcotics valued at approximately R1.2-million.

The EMPD Drug Enforcement Unit members acted upon information received several weeks ago and closely monitored the movements of the man on a daily basis.

“On Thursday morning, the metro police commenced at 4am with the close observation of the suspected drug supplier,” said Lieut-Col Wilfred Kgasago, spokesman for the EMPD.

“An opportunity presented itself at around 10am. After searching the house, the officers discovered 17 packets of Kat in a baby’s cot, as well as a plate of cocaine rocks in a refrigerator.”

The Nigerian suspect was immediately arrested and detained at the Germiston Police Station on charges of possession of illicit substances. He appeared in the Germiston Magistrate’s Court on Friday.