Pearl Thusi often shares how she lost her mother at a young age and being a young mother herself. The star however says there’s been someone who has made sure she never feels like she doesn’t have a mother figure. Pearl Thusi opens up about her relationship with Basetsana Khumalo.

Pearl took to Instagram to show love to Basetsana Khumalo whom she has has held her hand through it all. “She gave me my first laptop. Helped me bury my grandmother. Held my hand as I became a mother. Taught me lessons about being a lady. Scolded me when I faltered,” she captioned a photo of them together in New York.
“I know Angels are on earth because my mother must have asked God to send you to help make me a strong woman. Be my mother in her physical absence. Wiped my tears. I know that she chose you. Just being you… nothing can ever change what you mean to me. I can’t claim to have been a motherless orphan because of women like you. Thank you. I pray God continues to bless you abundantly. ❤,” Pearl wrote.