TV personality Pearl Modiadie has spent the past few months re-discovering herself and picking up the pieces after her engagement was called off.

Rumours first emerged in November that Pearl's whirlwind romance had ended, after she was spotted without her engagement ring.

Pearl confirmed the news on her Metro FM radio show but was not ready to talk about it.

Speaking to Drum magazine for the first time, Pearl said that she had spent the past few months "finding herself".

"It was hard. But I learnt that no matter how tough things get you must allow yourself to feel everything you're feeling when you're at home. As soon as you need to go to work, you put on your best smile, look great and deliver," she told the publication.

Pearl added that she's learnt that in life not everything works out according to plan.

The TV star jetted off to Bali in January for a solo holiday and learnt that it was okay to be alone.