In the final days of gospel singer Lundi, controversial preacher, Pastor Mboro became close to the star even holding a prayer night the day before he died. Now Mboro says Lundi’s manager prevented him from helping the star get the best treatment. “I Could’ve Helped Lundi,” Says Pastor Mboro.

Pastor Mboro says he visited Lundi at the hospital where he told Lundi’s manager how he wanted to help Lundi get the best help but never heard from him after that.
“I visited Lundi at the hospital and I spoke to his manager, Anele Hlazo, telling him that I would put down a deposit of R100 000 at a private hospital and Anele said he would consult with the family and get back to me. I then phoned him a number of times and he never gave me the go-ahead,” Mboro told a local publication.

“Anele and some woman named Thobeka just wanted to make money out of Lundi, they never cared. They deprived Lundi of receiving the best healthcare,” disappointed Mboro said.