A round of applause for Papa Penny Peny who just taught South African men how to treat their women.
Who knew Papa Penny Penny could be such a romantic?
In a Valentines Day special, Papa Penny Penny showed off his romantic side by preparing a very special dinner night for his wife and daughter
This was no dinner, but one that was prepared by Papa Penny and his son Nicholas from the early hours of the morning.
From preparing the Valentines Day decorations...

To cooking dinner...

And even feeding his beloved wife.

Papa Penny Penny was clearly serious about impressing his wife.
To the men out there, if this episode of did not teach you how to treat your lady, then we don't know what will.
Papa Penny Penny shared some very valuable pointers about keeping your woman happy at all times.
Here are our favourite quotes from the episode.
"I don't give my wife flowers because I'm an original flower..." 
Or how about when he justified why he didn't buy his wife flowers...
"I don't give my wife flowers because I'm the original flower." - Papa Penny Penny
What a man!
And whilst some of you laugh at his poor English, we can't deny the fact that the man has taught us the importance of taking care of home.
Papa Penny Penny was so romantic he even made this chocolate trend.